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Fix bangla slug problem in eloquent sluggable.

August 11, 2016 | Harun | In Laravel Tips & Tricks

In laravel framework, there is a third party library for automatically generate slug for your eloquent model. It is by default works fine but when the source is Unicode Bangla text it will generate slug just like this -2,1,2,3,4,-6. You can solve this issue just following simple work.First add a file in the config folder name with sluggable.php, if you don't have already it.Now ad...

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Remove “public” from url in laravel project.

May 3, 2016 | Harun | In Laravel Tips & Tricks

In laravel framework by default, all the route will get after the "public" in URL like http://localhost/my-project/public/myroute. There are some solution for avoiding the public from URL, Here I'll show you a simple solution where you don't have to setup extra configuration in live server. You don't have to think about a virtual host or is the project in local or remote server. Let's see t...

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