Run query by form

We are usually use query to find data from database. Some times you will need run a query with form. Actually we can finish our task with simple query to search but if you do by this form it will be looking attractive and nice view.


Follow these steps to do this :

Here we will make a form base query of our query one parameter query. So here we need a parameter. So that

1. Make a form with design view for your query with a text box and needed other form decorations.

example: Form name : find

text box name : abc

Search form

2. Create a query.

3. Open your query with design view. Keep cursor on that field which will be base of your query. Go to Criteria line write this


Structure: Forms![your_form_name]![your_form_control_name]

Query make for run query with form

4. Save query

5. Now open your form which you made before with design view. Draw a command box. You will notice a pop up window will show. Do on window like as below images

6. Now save your form.


Form query:

Search form


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