Laravel Angular CRUD (01) :: Project Setup

In this tutorial series, I’ll show you how to make CRUD system in Laravel 5 with angular JS without refreshing page. This is a really small project but if you learn this system then you can apply this method in your any project. For this purpose, I am using Laravel 5,xampp server,MySQL in my system.Today I’ll discuss how to setup our project.

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You can find this project in my Github repository Laravel Angular CURD

First open your command window and go to htdocs directory and type this command.

[NB: Before executing this command please ensure that your have an active internet connection]

composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel-angular-crud 5.0

create a database in your PHP MyAdmin name with todo.

Now open your environment configuration file from your project root directory. The file is name with .env and enters your database details like as below


Make a model by command line.

php artisan make:model Task

Open the migration task table migration file from database/migrations and specify the table column.

Schema::create('tasks', function(Blueprint $table)

Now run the migrations with the command

php artisan migrate

No more today.In next tutorial, I’ll discuss the next steps.

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