Laravel 5 Tutorial (01) :: Install Laravel 5 in Windows.

There are many installation process described in Laravel official website. Here i will describe the very easy method to install laravel 5 in Windows. Please sure before install laravel 5 that your PHP version is greater or equal 5.4

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    1. First download composer and install it.
    2. Now Download Laravel 5
    3. Extract and copy the Downloaded laravel 5 folder into your htdocs (xampp user)/ www (wamp user) folder and rename it with Todo
    4. Now press ctrl+shift and click on Todo folder and then click on open command window here.

  1. In command window just type composer install and press enter. (Please don’t unplug internet connection and wait until it successfully installed. Your installation process nedd 5-10 min)

After successfully install laravel 5, you will see the message in command window like below.


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