How to set a username in Facebook

Generally we log in our Facebook account with our e-mail address. You can set a username in your  Facebook account and you can log in your Facebook account by this username. After set a username everybody can find you easily in Facebook with your username. With a username you will get a profile URL like as So it’ll be very easy to find your Facebook account by username. Let’s start how you can set a username in your Facebook account.

  1. First log in your Facebook account and go to setting (you can find it top right corner of your wall)
  2. In Setting option go to general setting.
  3. From general setting you find the username option. Click on edit and choose a username
  4. Click on save changes.

Sort Instruction: Log in> Setting > General Setting> Username>Save changes.

You can see the images for better understand.

Account setting

set username



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