How to save and long life any mobile battery?

Every body wanna save mobile charge and good condition their cell phone battery. We see most of cell phone users say that battery life is very poor and not good service. In this post I’ll give you some tips for save and enhance cell phone battery performance.

  • User specific charger: For better performance and good condition of your cell phone battery please use the original charger. Don’t use other charger for charge your cell phone battery.
  • Don’t charge long time¬†: Don’t charge your cell phone battery long time. After full charge your battery please unplug your phone charger. Some body plug their phone charger after full charge phone. It’s damage your phone charging capacity.
  • Don’t charge more times : The good practice is when your phone charge below 20% then plug your phone for charging.Somebody charge their phone if phone charge below 90%,80% even 98%. They charge their phone 6,7 times in a day. Avoid it for the battery life time.
  • Switch off unnecessary service : Switch off your phone unnecessary service like bluetooth,wifi,gps etc. If you are not using this service. Off ¬†this service because it’s quickly decrease your battery drain.

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