How to fix Bangla font problem in Firefox?

Sometimes we face Bangla  font problem when we visit any Bangla site. The Bangla text shows like as [][][][][][][][][][][]!!!! You can fix it by setup your Firefox browser easily and read any Bangla site fresh and clear. So let’s see how can do it.


  1. First download the Unicode Bangla font  SolaimanLipi
  2. Copy the font SolaimanLipi
  3. Go to run and type fonts and press enter
  4. Paste the SolaimanLipi font in Fonts folder
  5. Now open your Firefox browser and go to Option>content set Default fonts as  Solaiman Lipi
  6. Now restart your browser and browse any Bangla website with fresh Bangla font.

Follow the screenshot for better understanding

Open Firefox option


Firefox options

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  1. ifty says:

    Thank you for share this important bangla font.

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