Get Android battery life easily!

This is time of smartphone. Most of user like to use android base smart phone. We are always in tense about android device battery life. This topics will help you to get more performance of your android device battery life. Lets tell about how will you get the android device battery life following by few steps.

  1. Don’t recharge battery if battery has already recharged. Because it will damage your batter gradually
  2. If your device support light sensor active your brightness setting as auto. It will help you to adjust your brightness setting auto mode. You don’t have to change your brightness setting depending your environment.
  3. Use dark wallpaper
  4. Don’t use GPS or WiFi unnecessarily.
  5. Don’t use screen orientation without need.
  6. Don’t use background data features without need.

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  1. smith says:

    Excellent, helpful topics

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