About Android Root ( What is root? Root advantage and disadvantage)

Most of android phone users listen about android root but some body don’t know what is root? and It’s advantage or disadvantage. In online a lot of website, forum discuss about android root for different android devices. Some of user who know about android root but not details. If you decide to root your device you should know about the root. In this post I’ll discuss about Android root and it’s common questions.

What is root?

What is root?

Android is build with Linux OS kernel . In Linux OS system root means  Administrator, who can do anything whatever root user want. Root called Superuser. When your device will be rooted you find a Superuser app in your device. In Android system root is administrator permission. If you have this permission you can do anything in your phone whatever you like. You can modify your system file. By default root permission is not given when you purchase it.

Why not given root permission by default?

Root is administrator permission. For the safety your device mobile manufactures don’t give  the root permission by default. For your unawareness you might delete your phone system file. For that your phone will damage or brick. That is why root permission is not given by default.

Advantage or Root

Root is administrator permission of android OS. By this permission your can do a lot of task in your phone. Let’s see root advantage.

  • You can uninstall unnecessary app form your phone.
  • You can uninstall your system apps.
  • By the root permission you can control your CPU overclocking. It will enhance your battery life and device performance.
  • You can delete unwanted and unnecessary files  for that your device performance will increase.
  • You can customize your device looking (UI)
  • You can use custom room.
  • file permission change.
  • Root app use.
  • In a word you can do anything in your device by root permission.

Root Disadvantage:

Root permission has some disadvantage. If you  aware about this you can keep your favorite device safe.

  • If you root your phone you will lose your phone warranty given by phone manufacturer.
  • For your any fault during the rooting process device performance might be reduce.
  • Phone might be damage or brick.

If have no knowledge about android root permission. Please don’t root your phone or android device by listening about android root from anybody. If you mentally prepared for rooting your device please be sure about root method what method you are going to follow for rooting your device. During rooting your device you should remember this thinks below

  • Keep your phone charge above 70%
  • Collect the unroot process if it’s possible.
  • Read the hole root process carefully.
  • Keep remember the accurate steps what you have to follow.
  • If you root your device by PC don’t disconnect data cable before root process successfully done.

I have tried my maximum for giving a clear concept about android root and it’s common questions. I think this post will help you to gather the knowledge about android root advantage and disadvantage.

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